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Syndicate stops ‘importing’ China beggars for now

A SYNDICATE that brings in beggars from China has temporarily stopped 'importing' them after four handicapped people sought the help of police recently, i>China Press/ireported.


5,000 refugees now beggars in Penang

MORE than 5,000 refugees registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have flocked into Butterworth to become beggars, reported i>China Press/i>.


More parents left to fend for themselves as beggars

The number of beggars is rising because more people are not caring for their parents, leaving them to fend for themselves, I>Tamil Nesan /I>reported.


Only Norwegian beggars in Norway, politicians say

OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian politicians from both the ruling centre left and conservative right opposition have called for regulations to take non-Norwegian beggars off the streets.


'Don't encourage beggars'

The public should stop giving money to beggars to discourage them from begging, said Gerakan Youth Sports and Culture Bureau chief S. Paranjothy.


Sibu Municipal Council powerless to act against beggars, says official

SIBU: Beggars, whether from China or locally, are a common sight now at the Sunday market due to the large crowd of shoppers.


Beggars having it good in the city

BEGGARS in the city are earning a lucrative income by cashing in on the generosity of the people.


Contradictheory: To give or not to give when beggars approach?

Is it better to give money directly to the poor or to welfare organisations that will distribute the money? People want to help the poverty-stricken but how do we do so effectively, wonders Contradictheory columnist Dzof Azmi.

Metro News

Beggars marring Melaka’s image

MELAKA: There is a growing number of beggars on the streets of Melaka and this is affecting the state’s image and tourism industry, said state Transport, Works and Public Amenities Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sofi Wahab.


Cops: Buying books from child beggars only enriches rings

PETALING JAYA: Those who buy religious books from and give donations to child beggars are only feeding the syndicates that exploit the children.