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Missing MH370: Science could 'rewind' waves to find Malaysia jet black boxes

KUALA LUMPUR: If two blurred objects photographed from space are confirmed as debris from Flight MH370, scientists will still face a daunting task to find and recover the sensitive recorders containing clues to the Malaysian jet's disappearance.

Missing MH370: Five aircraft involved in today's search

PETALING JAYA: Five aircraft will be involved in Friday's search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa).

Missing MH370: Large area slowed analysis of images of possible debris, says satellite image company

WASHINGTON: The sheer number of images covering a large swath of ocean contributed to a delay in revealing what could be debris from the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that has been missing for nearly two weeks, a satellite image company said.

Missing MH370: Better weather today will aid search

SYDNEY: Improving weather conditions should help the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on Friday, forecasters said, as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott vowed everything "humanly possible" was being done to find the aircraft.

Missing MH370: Re-insurer Munich Re sees no big hit from claims

MUNICH: Munich Re does not expect a major hit from damage claims linked to a Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing 12 days ago with 239 people on board, it said on Thursday.

Missing MH370: Radar hits of 'significant' size registered in search area

A flight crew scouring the southern Indian Ocean for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane says they are getting radar hits of "significant size", indicating something lurking below the water's surface, ABC News reported.

Missing MH370: Dimensions of Boeing 777

KUALA LUMPUR: Australia has said two objects up to 24m in size have been spotted by satellite in the southern Indian Ocean, providing a lead in the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner.

Missing MH370: Anwar now admits Capt Zaharie related to son's in-laws

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has now admitted that MH370 pilot Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah is related to his son’s in-laws.

Missing MH370: China starts search in its territory

BEIJING: China has begun searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet with 239 passengers and crew on board in Chinese territory, which covers a northern corridor through which the aircraft could have flown, said state news agency Xinhua on Tuesday, quoting Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang.

Four KTAR students killed in accident near Gua Tempurung

KAMPAR: Four Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman students were killed when the Perodua Viva they were in crashed head-on with a lorry at KM25.5 along the Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur trunk road, near Gua Tempurung early Thursday.