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Tips for staying healthy while travelling

Your body has to bear a lot of stress as you move from place to place and follow a packed itinerary. Here’s how to strengthen your immunity, stay healthy and avoid falling sick when travelling.


Breast cancer & urinary incontinence: Separating truths from myths

There are numerous misconceptions that stop Malaysian women from seeking treatment for breast cancer even if they find themselves having the symptoms. And as for urinary incontinence, the notion that this is a normal part of ageing is untrue.


Osteoarthritis is not part of ageing

While research shows various main factors leading to disability from osteoarthritis including being overweight or obese, and joint cartilage degeneration or wear and tear, there is evidence to show correlation between osteoarthritis with lifestyle choices.


The link between your thyroid and your heart

A thyroid condition, whether it is overactive or underactive, can have an irreversible, negative effect on the heart if it is not caught and treated quickly.


There is no magic vitamin to prevent dementia

Dietary vitamin supplements are a waste of money for most seeking to avoid dementia, but can be helpful for those with a vitamin deficiency, say experts.


Are multivitamins really necessary for us?

Many of us pop multivitamin supplements in the hope that they will improve our health, but this may not actually be happening.


Here's how what we eat can affect our mental health

Nutrition impacts mental health more than we think, and the lack of certain nutrients might be behind our depression or anxiety.


Level up your nutrition

In a world that is progressively becoming more sophisticated and complex, dealing with stress and living up to daily expectations also increases.