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A play of contrasts

Munich-based fashion brand Laurel injects new vigour into its current range, reports BRIAN CHEONG.


Lessons from Spanish flu

In 1918, the misnamed Spanish influenza swept the globe killing millions and years later just disappeared. This chapter of world health history is a grim reminder of what SARS can do if not contained, reports DAVID BROWN.

AseanPlus News

Gearing up to ride out yet another threat -haze

JUST as Singapore is slowly recovering from the SARS crisis, grey clouds are gathering again.


Consommé to cure the blahs

Clean, clear consommé is the new It dish being served at all the best dinner tables. RUSS PARSONS shares how to make the deceptively simple soup.


Behold the behemoth

Worlds of Wonder features the Hulk.


Colour me vibrant

If luxurious silken evening wear in a dazzling palette of colours is your cup of tea, it would run over joyfully in the Colours boutique, reports S.S. YOGA.


Precautionary options

Learning the theory of self-defence is probably not enough in case of an encounter and taking up martial arts is not practical for everyone. What women need is a straightforward, street-wise approach to self-defence.


All the shades of love

In conjunction with the Penang-YTL Arts Festival 2003, I>Darpana: Reflections on Love, /I>an Odissi event was performed by the Temple of Fine Arts at the P. Ramlee Auditorium last weekend.


Get on with more policing in public places

THE government wants it, the people want it, and the police themselves want it: more police on the streets and in other public places. Will it be done this time?


We must strike fear in hearts of criminals

What has become of Malaysian society when hired thugs are so fearless that they dare even to advertise their #8220;services#8221; openly with their contact phone numbers? The STAR says they will be caught no matter how long it takes.