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Human Writes: Be kind to the planet, pledge to eat less meat

Meat production produces damaging greenhouse gases and is a culprit behind water pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Bug business: Cockroaches corralled by the millions in China to crunch waste

Cockroaches corralled by the millions in China to crunch waste.

Hearty Italian fare at Passione

Passionate Italian chef Stefano Criber serves up a litany of Italian food like seafood linguine, cold cuts, wild boar tagliatelle, pluma Iberico and tiramisu.

The journey of a street dog that longed to be loved

Due to the state government’s decision to catch and kill all the stray dogs in Penang after a rabies outbreak, this writer decided to take a street dog –which she had been feeding – under her wing and give him a better life.

Top 4 big nutrition trends for 2019

Trendy nutritional food and drinks like hemp and coconut oil are likely to gain momentum this year.

Family meals in firehouses are filled with sirens, bells and bonding

Says one of the firemen, “You know when your meal is good, because there will be a good five minutes of silence,” Rizzi said. “You’ll hear forks and knives hitting the plate. It gives you some validation.”

Curious Cook: Thoughts on Christmas food

How a feast, at any time of the year, affects us.

Namibia, where the buffalo roam and the antelope play

Reasons to visit Namibia: Its abundant wildlife, dramatic landscapes, easygoing people and breathtaking geographical and cultural diversity.

Curious Cook: Influencing customers and funny science

The columnist’s observations on how businesses get us to spend money and the findings of some food-related studies.

What is grass-fed beef?

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't refer to cows that are fortunate to be raised on pasture grass.