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Malaysian 4WD adventurer now sends humanitarian help to orang asli

Stiven Sim not only owns a 4WD business and academy that trains people on off-roading skills, he uses his vehicles to seek out and help orang asli communities in the jungles of Malaysia.

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Budding durian museum planned on Bangi golf course

Two friends have planted 52 durian varieties on a Bangi golf course, in the hopes of preserving rare durian species and creating a durian museum of sorts.

Asia & Oceania

Food! People! Stuff! 6 reasons to fall in love with Malaysia

This month of love, there are many reasons to fall in love with Malaysia again, according to this popular online travel booking platform.


Malaysia set to lose biodiversity as species go extinct

A report on biodiversity indicates that species are moving towards extinction more rapidly, and lays the blame for this on runaway consumption.


Safe sex? Planned parenthood? Here's the right way to use condoms

Practising safe sex is part of a healthy lifestyle, and one of the best and simplest ways to do so is to use a condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.


Yearender2018: Shake up at top fashion and beauty houses

Fashion trends come and go, and so do the designers that engender them. 2018 was a game of musical chairs for some prominent fashion houses, as designers made the unexpected switch from one label to another.


Cow dung inspired Cyril Mathias to be a green technopreneur

Having worked almost two decades in the corporate world, Cyril Mathias gave that up to focus on his passion: green technology in agriculture.

Asia & Oceania

Off The Beat: In search of... durians in Australia!

The King of Fruits has transplanted roots in quaint Darwin of Australia's northern territory. Yes, the durian is making its mark outside Southeast Asia!


Staying sane when holidaying with the kids

School’s out and the kids are already restless. Minimise the stress of holidaying with your family by choosing the right destinations and trying out child-friendly experiences.


Chinese actors have 'Eternal Love' for Malaysian durian

Chinese stars of dimsum drama The Eternal Love said that they fell in love with durian and bak kut teh when they came to Malaysia.