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Strengthening Malaysia’s primary healthcare system

The Health Ministry is moving the emphasis back to primary healthcare in order to tackle the increasingly worrying problem of non-communicable diseases.


Heart and Soul: The beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for

You can gain strength, courage and confidence with every experience in this journey as you face your fear. You must do the very thing which you think you cannot do. Remember, your illness does not define you; your strength and courage does.


Chinese officials taken to task for not doing their job for the environment

China says more than 18,000 officials failed or performed badly in protecting the environment.


A doctor’s family copes with 'Three Cancers In 10 Months'

Emergency physician Dr Azlan Kamalludin shares his story on coping and caring for three loved ones who were diagnosed with cancer within the space of 10 months.


The inaugural WAFX Prize salutes sustainable designs

The inaugural WAFX Prize at the World Architecture Festival 2017 awards designs that bank on sustainability.


Seoul demolished a highway to revive a stream. Why?

The Cheonggye stream restoration project in Seoul holds lessons for Malaysia as we embark on our own River of Life project.


River of Life project faces tons of human garbage, sewage every year

River of Life is a laudable project, but one of it's biggest challenges is changing the behaviour of Malaysians who treat rivers like dumping grounds.


Minimally-invasive heart surgery offers more benefits to patients

Smaller cuts, less cost and faster recovery are among the advantages of a minimally-invasive coronary artery bypass.


Hospice care is not just about dying

While those entering hospice care understand that they are no longer being treated for a cure, their quality of life can be much improved through such care.