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Soi Lek: Build bridges, not walls

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians should not let themselves be trapped by religious bigotry, hatred or suspicion, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Islamic summit favours dialogue not clash with West

DAKAR (Reuters) - Leaders at a summit of Islamic states agreed on Friday to work with the West to fight religious bigotry and a U.S. envoy pledged support for a dialogue to avoid

Nip religious extremism in the bud, says church leader

KOTA KINABALU: Any failure to act against religious bigotry and extremism can only serve to embolden extremists against non-Muslims.

Missing the good old days

The 56th year of Merdeka is marred by the gaping political rift and the rising tide of bigotry.

The fight against fat - and fat bias

While obesity can be linked to a range of diseases, there is much bigotry against people who are overweight than most would care to admit.

The politics of meat

In India, the politics of Hindu nationalism has descended into beef bigotry. What lessons can we in Malaysia learn?

Honouring Haziq

In this crisis however, there is also opportunity - an opportunity for Malaysia to show the rest of the world how bigotry and hatred borne of ignorance can be overcome, and replaced by unity borne of understanding and embracing diversity.

Lee: Foster goodwill to stomp out disunity

MUAR: Malaysians should put an end to “moments of disunity” such as religious and racial bigotry, as well as shunning those who make provocative and incendiary statements that could create tensions within the multi-racial community.

We need a Malaysian dream

It’s time to swallow the bitter pill and cure our country of religious polarisation and bigotry, racism, negative discrimination and other divisive phenomena.

Zamihan defiant with Facebook postings

PETALING JAYA: Despite a clear stance taken by the Rulers against religious bigotry, preacher Zamihan Mat Zin remains defiant as he continued posting extreme views on social media.