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Getting star treatment

Your hear of them thrashing rooms, punching photographers and throwing temper tantrums in London, New York and La-La Land. LEE SIEW PENG wonders what celebrities get up to when they come to Malaysian shores?


Plant problems

FOR tour guide Oscar Flores, it simply makes no sense to put an offshore liquid gas and fuel export terminal 8km north of the Paracas maritime reserve, a key rest spot for migrating birds in the Western Hemisphere.


Good for the body & soul

Fasting has been recommended by all religions as a means of increasing spiritual awareness. It is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, Buddhism, and practised in yoga writes MANOJ KAIMAL.


Potential in renewable energy

AT THE present rate of consumption, the world#8217;s natural gas resources and oil wells are expected to run dry in 50 years' time. Although coal is expected to last at least another 200 years, sooner or later that will run out too.


Demolition men

Shipbuilding hogs the headlines while nobody bothers about breaking up an old vessel. But to the shipbreakers of Bangladesh, the low-paying and back-breaking job is the only way of making a living that they know, reports ANIS AHMED.


Nice guys do win

If you#8217;re a couch potato and you know all the latest in the music world, you#8217;ll know that an afro-haired singer called Guy Sebastian has been making waves Down Under with his smooth vocals and charismatic charm. JASON CHEAH does some research and contacts Guy's mum to find out more about the I>Australian Idol/Iwho was born in Klang, Selangor.


Five-star treatment

PAMPERING or healing? Here are some spa practices that are gaining popularity as curative therapies.


Year for the aggressive

The Monkey is a symbol of agility, intelligence and rebellion. It is a great strategist in every sense. This will be a year marked by ploys and plots, so you need to tread cautiously and work quietly to avoid tipping off your opponents,' advises Singaporean feng shui master Tan Khoon Yong.


Not keen on clean fuel

WHILE much mention has been made of vehicles that run on conventional fossil fuels, namely gasoline (petrol) and diesel, most of us forget that Natural Gas Vehicles or NGVs form a significant number of vehicles on the road, especially in continental Europe and Scandinavia.


Invasion of the body testers

One weird Friday evening, local satirist TV SMITH ( was swept into an unexpected social event that offered lessons in the art of quick appraisals and snappy decisions...