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Quantifying how pets improve health

Two leading tech companies hope to prove the link between owning a pet and leading a healthier life by bringing together the data they collect from their activity tracking products.


How technology will change the way we travel in 2024

In ten years, travellers will be able to test out the waters of the Great Barrier Reef or the Dead Sea using virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift before booking their trip.


Could mobile phones cause impotence?

Is there a link between carrying around a switched-on mobile phone and impotence? Possibly, according to a recent study.


Happily surprised? Sadly angry? Computer tags emotions

Ever wondered if you look happily disgusted? Or sadly angry? There may one day be an app for that.


In new social networks, anonymity is all the rage

When mobile social app Yik Yak swept into Auburn University, some of the coolest kids were quick to start posting on it.


Science-based mobile gaming app could help reduce anxiety: study

New research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science found playing a scientific-based mobile gaming app for 25 minutes helped reduce anxiety in stressed-out people.


Sniffing out identity

Why use an iris scanner or check fingerprints for authentication when body odour is more accurate and harder to trick than a facial recognition system?


Want to quit your job? New app does it for you via text message

Thinking about quitting your job? A humorous new app aims to relieve the stress and anxiety of confronting the boss with the news by sending a text message instead.


One way to boost your health? Fix your slow computer: survey

A new survey finds that on average, Americans spend two hours a week waiting on their slow computers, which leaves people drained, stressed, and less likely to engage in a healthy lifestyle, researchers said.

Social media

Resolutions for social media

Let's take five traditional resolutions and put a social media spin on them.