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Microsoft CEO Ballmer bids emotional farewell to Wall Street

Ballmer makes an impassioned plea to investors to support his vision for Microsoft before Wall Street.


D on Droid: Beware, you might be oversharing

A lack of understanding of technology can result in your cyberprivacy being violated.


Sliced and diced, digitally: autopsy as a service

Malaysian entrepreneur Matt Chandran wants to revive the moribund post-mortem by replacing the scalpel with a scanner and the autopsy slab with a touchscreen computer.


Manning tells court he's 'sorry' for US secrets breach to WikiLeaks

Manning spoke non-defiantly in court - his first extensive public comments since February.


History shows Snowden may face tough exile in Russia

US fugitive Edward Snowden seems assured of a warm welcome in Russia and may even achieve celebrity status in his new home, but history suggests he will no longer be master of his fate and a Moscow exile will bring some difficult challenges.


Six apps to help autistic children learn

With reports of autism among children continuing to rise at a meteoric rate throughout the United States, it’s hardly surprising that scores of apps have been developed to help these kids cope, academically and socially.


Snowden rejects suggestions he is a spy for China

Snowden fights back against his critics, and denies allegations that he is a spy for China.


Texting before bed linked to higher stress: study

Turns out that surfing the web or sending text messages within two hours of going to bed may be stressing you out, according to a new US study.


Through the Google looking Glass

Google has released a video of the Google Glass presentation it gave at SXSW.


April Fool becomes yet another marketing gimmick

Companies around the world, from Google to BMW and Sony, have adopted the tradition of goading the gullible on April 1.