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New health apps, games reward patients who take their meds

A group of ex-gaming industry executives say they can use their design chops to solve a major health challenge: Sick patients neglecting to take their medication and costing employers and insurance providers billions of dollars.


Web Wanders: Perils of selfie

Susanna Khoo talks about the grave consequences that selfies sometimes bring about.


Meanwhile in Ireland... Statues are taking their own selfies

The selfie is still going strong, with statues even getting in on the act, or so it seems.


Americans react to Canadian snack foods in viral video

A Buzzfeed video of Americans reacting to Canadian snack foods has gone viral, with more than 1.2 million hits since being uploaded over the weekend, for introducing viewers to foods like nanaimo bars and poutine under a barrage of cheeky commentary.


Twitter helps reunite Irishman with Canadian crush he met in-flight

Hey Twitter, do you know Katie? Katie from Nova Scotia, Canada? That was pretty much how a global search for an Irishman’s crush started.


Web Wanders: Savvy snapshots

Susanna Khoo highlights how some couples have gained fame on the Web thanks to their creativity in capturing memorable moments during their travels.


Tutti frutti-flavoured ice cream changes color as you lick it

A physicist turned chef has put his scientific knowledge to good — nay, very good — use by creating a magical ice cream that turns colour as it melts.


LG follows Samsung to market with 105in monster TV

If you liked the look of Samsung's living room-filling 105in curved screen ultra-high-definition television set but were put off by its US$120,000 (RM382,662) asking price, there's good news.


Tech-savvy Indonesians monitor vote count in disputed poll

Tech-savvy Indonesians are acting as watchdogs following last week's disputed election, using social media and apps to ensure an honest count as both sides accuse the other of trying to rig the outcome.


How to take a great selfie

Your selfie has 600 likes on Instagram. Too bad that 580 of them are because of that piece of spinach in your teeth. Don't let this happen to you.