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Living 08 Jul 2014 | 4:00 PM

The bear truth about yeti

Experts debunk ‘actual’ hair samples after DNA testing.

Living 12 Oct 2014 | 4:00 PM

Scientist keeps his focus on earthquakes and tsunamis

Much work is being done to better-forecast the occurrence of these natural disasters.

Living 09 Nov 2014 | 4:00 PM

A region worth conserving for its terrestrial biodiversity

Ecologist Dr Richard Corlett offers an insight into the biodiversity of Tropical East Asia.

Living 07 Dec 2014 | 4:00 PM

Serow: Eaten to the brink

The little-known Sumatran serow is hunted and traded in Peninsular Malaysia, in violation of wildlife laws.

Living 17 Dec 2014 | 4:00 PM

Remembering Tsunami 2004: ‘I wanted to know’

The Star’s WONG CHUN WAI was among the first foreign newsmen to arrive in tsunami-ravaged Aceh. This is his original report, updated and with a fresh perspective to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy.

Arts 19 Dec 2014 | 4:00 PM

Ming dynasty treasures on display at a museum in Britain

An exhibition shows that China was engaging with the wider world long before the Europeans appeared on the scene with their warships.

Viewpoints 27 Dec 2014 | 4:00 PM

Grateful escape

Our columnist would probably have been killed in the 2004 tsunami, but luckily he went jungle trekking.

Living 01 Feb 2015 | 6:30 PM

Ivory collectors now eyeing carved hornbill casques

Growing demand for hornbill ivory threatening the majestic birds.

Living 22 Feb 2015 | 4:00 PM

Radical transparency: Tracking deforestation through satellite imagery

Advances in mapping technology helps us keep a closer eye on the world’s forests.

Living 05 Apr 2015 | 6:30 PM

Photo story: Planet Earth’s woes and wonders

These pictures paint more than 1,000 words about the world with their story of its environmental problems — as well as the beauty we are so close to destryoing all together.