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Japanese pop duo Chage & Aska split after 40 years

Japanese pop duo Chage & Aska were supposed to mark their 40th anniversary on Sunday (Aug 25). However, it turned out to be the day of their dissolution after Aska - one half of the pop act - announced he was officially leaving the duo.


Close encounters with beautiful birds in India

While on pilgrimage in India, the writer and his wife also came across many varieties of beautiful birds.


This is not how you behave at the National Art Gallery

Visitors sitting on artworks and climbing up installations indicate that there should be more respect from the public when it comes to viewing art at the National Art Gallery.


Competition is stiff at the World Taxidermy Championships

At the the 2019 World Taxidermy Championships, the competition is stiff – in more ways than one. Cougars appear to dive off their stands. A giant tiger looks ready to pounce. Wild goats race down a hill.


Heritage area in Alor Setar given a splash of colour by veteran Kedah artist’s murals

A heritage area in Alor Setar is given a new lease of life and lively colour by a veteran artist Lee Choon Kooi's first mural assignment.


A concrete shell over the Window House cradles pockets of greenery within

The Window House by Formzero features a perforated, concrete shell that blends the indoors and outdoors.


Is the dengue vaccine safe for my child?

There has been some controversy surrounding the dengue vaccine, but does that mean we shouldn’t take it or have it given to our children?


Pigs in the city: Hong Kong faces growing wild boar problem

Hong Kong is struggling to contain a wild boar problem, as the animals are getting too close for comfort to the human population.