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Haemoglobin variants and thalassaemia

Inherited conditions of haemoglobin are becoming an increasing health burden, with an estimated 7% of the world’s populations having the gene mutations.

Malaysian detained in Indonesia for wearing T-shirt with communist symbol

JAKARTA: A Malaysian was detained in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat, for wearing a T-shirt with an image of the communist hammer and sickle symbol that has been banned in the republic.

Fillon's party apologises for anti-Semitic attack on French rival Macron

PARIS (Reuters) - Francois Fillon's party has apologised for tweeting a caricature of Emmanuel Macron, his main rival in the race to be France's next president, that Fillon himself admitted was anti-Semitic, adding to a row of controversies around his campaign.

Fly spit can mess up a crime scene

Crime scene investigators have long relied on their judgment to distinguish blood spatter from the look-alike stains left by flies that land on bodies.

Mentally unstable man slashes cop with sickle

KOTA TINGGI: Police shot dead a mentally unstable man after failing to subdue him with a taser during a raid on his home in Felda Pasir Raja.

Police shoot dead mental patient who slashed police station chief

KOTA TINGGI: The police shot dead a mental patient on Sunday, a day after he had slashed and stabbed a police station chief with a sickle at the assailant's home in Felda Pasir Raja here.

Australian gamers shift from megabytes to ‘live action’

A high-pitched scream pierces the air as a “zombie witch” in a dirty, white dress sprints down a street at a Sydney university, hair whipping around wild eyes as she chases a group desperately scrambling to get out of her way.

Your inhaler's watching you: drugmakers race for smart devices

Makers of inhalers to treat asthma and chronic lung disease are racing to develop a new generation of smart devices with sensors to monitor if patients are using their puffers properly.

Expat orders 6m sickle for family temple in hometown

AN Indian national living in Malay­sia has commissioned a 6m-tall steel sickle to be installed at his favourite temple in Tamil Nadu, India, Tamil dailies reported.

Police nab drug addict over temple vandalism incident

GEORGE TOWN: The recent damaging of idols at Hindu temples in Penang is believed to be the work of a 45-year-old drug addict and has nothing to do with any racial issue or IS militants, police said Thursday.