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Controversy surrounding NSC Act

Despite his general duty to act on advice, the King retains some discretionary powers.

Unity in diversity – factors that bind

The people of Malaysia are like the colours of a rainbow – separate but not apart.

Diversity is part of divine intent

The great challenge before us is to stop conflicts by strengthening links between human rights and religion.

Fight terrorism at its roots

NO words can describe the barbarity of the terrorist attack on 84 innocent revellers in Nice, France, on Bastille Day last week. This was the third major terrorist strike in France since the start of 2015. And it came in the wake of similar perfidies in July in 16 countries, including Bangladesh, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, Syria, Thailand, Venezuela and Turkey.

A precedent but no blanket pass

Article 66 (4A) permits the King to be bypassed but cannot apply to other institutions and agencies with constitutional role in law-making.

Enhancing syariah courts’ powers

The Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 re-ignites some critical issues of constitutional law.

The rules of royal succession

The Federal Constitution provides the basis for choosing the King’s successor, aided by a rich tapestry of constitutional conventions or practices.

By-elections and the Constitution

The rule that a casual vacancy must be filled within 60 days is subject to a number of qualifications.

Reflecting on Dewan Negara’s role

People would like to see the Dewan Negara as part of the check-and-balance mechanism of the country.

Restoring Parliament’s eminence

Systems in which people participate are systems they are likely to respect.