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Teachers face challenges at work, says Unesco

TEACHERS are a critical foundation in every society..

Let’s be serious about going green

THE number of floodings and devastation in our country and the rest of the world in recent years, are a result of how we have treated our planet.

A free and app-solute connection

THE Malaysian Sign Language Mobile Application (MyBIM) that was launched recently in Putrajaya, will make it easy for the public to learn the sign language and communicate with the hearing impaired.

Language matters for learners

TO communicate effectively in the English language, students have to be linguistically competent and proficient in the language.

Graduates seek greener pastures

WHEN Dilara left Turkey for Dubai five years ago, her friends said the move was a mistake. The country’s economy was flourishing, the cultural scene was vibrant and relations with the West was warm.

Online teaching gaining ground in China

Despite questions regarding digital instruction, parents in the world’s most populous nation see the advantages in online tutoring and learning.

Need for teachers to keep up with new technologies

EDUCATION is evolving at a very much faster pace. The current education landscape demands educators to be equipped with teaching methods, techniques and strategies to meet the needs of the 21st century learners.

A boost for STEM education

THE Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) module is an approach taken to help boost interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects among students in the country.

The magic of Kampung Kirkby

A former teacher gives his take on a recent trip with his mostly octogenarian peers to their alma mater in an English town, to commemorate the Tunku’s momentous visit to the college over 60 years ago, where the soon-to-become premier made the Merdeka announcement that surprised everyone.

Educators doing their best to teach English

TEACHERS have often been blamed for the poor standard of the English language in the country.