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New head for dairy company

Fonterra Brands has appointed David Ross as its general manager.


China faces challenge implementing food safety - FDA

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's implementation of food safety standards is the country's biggest hindrance in exporting high quality, trusted food products overseas, an official with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday.


Govt pledges quality milk supply for pupils

KOTA KINABALU: The Government has pledged to ensure that milk supplied to pupils under the 1Malaysia milk programme conforms to the standard set by the Health Ministry.


Database of breeders and live cattles needed for more systematic planning

MUADZAM SHAH: The incomplete information on the database of breeders and the number of their live cattles has led to the unneccesary import of animals from neighbouring countries for local consumptions.


China sets up national food safety commission

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has set up a national food safety commission, headed by a powerful vice premier, who at the watchdog's first meeting set his sights on the persistent problem of dangerously tainted milk, state media said on Wednesday.


China seizes more melamine-tainted milk powder

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese inspectors tracing new cases of contaminated milk have shut dairy firms in the northwest and seized 72 tonnes of milk powder tainted with melamine, an industrial compound that killed at least six children in 2008.


Melamine milk products found in China

Melamine-tainted milk products have been pulled from convenience store shelves in southern China more than a year after hundreds of thousands of children were sickened in a massive milk safety scandal, a government spokeswoman said Monday.


Pahang government offers to help dairy farm forced to dispose fresh milk

KUANTAN: Pahang government is prepared to assist a local dairy farm in Muadzam Shah, Rompin, which had to dispose of some 90,000 litres of fresh milk, worth more than RM250,000, since early this month.


Milk imports may go down

PEKAN: The Government may consider putting a cap on the import of fresh milk from Australia and New Zealand to help safeguard local dairy companies.


Dairy firm dumps milk

MUADZAM SHAH: A major local dairy farm here had to dump its daily production of 6,000 litres of fresh milk after two of its regular buyers rejected the supply.