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Melting ice in the Bering Sea causes massive environmental changes

This ice provided a giant platform for growing algae at the base of the food chain, and has been a significant contributor to the remarkable productivity of a body of water, stretching from Alaska to northeast Russia, that sustains some of the biggest fisheries on the planet.


Joy division: Bhutan is where you go to find your happiness

For many travellers, a trip to Bhutan is not just a spiritual one, but a chance to rediscover the joys of a simple life.


Running my first 21km race in the Gold Coast Marathon

The Gold Coast Marathon in Queensland proves to be the perfect race for a novice runner to gain experience and meet people.


Want a challenge? Try skyrunning up a mountain in South-East Asia

If trail running isn't enough for you, try skyrunning. Trail running is where you run on trails through natural areas instead of on roads or footpaths.Skyrunning is like trail running, but on a mountain.