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As fake videos become more realistic, seeing shouldn’t always be believing

All it takes is a single selfie.


YouTube changed its ad rules to appease advertisers. YouTubers say they’re the ones paying for it

Over the last 11 years, Chris Thompson has built a career on YouTube. His personal videos won him more than 385,000 subscribers.


Why new services are sharing the spotlight with new sedans at the LA Auto Show

Volvo and Lincoln are both launching new services that will make luxury car ownership simple, hassle-free and extremely attractive to the next generation of drivers.


Waymo offers peek at its secluded test bed for self-driving cars

A bicyclist pedalled alongside the road and a pedestrian wandered into the crosswalk, as a self-driving minivan headed through a maze of roads in a desolate landscape. As the vehicle turned right, its steering wheel rotated above the empty driver's seat.


Quiet energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid

A northern Japanese city's efforts to rebuild its electric power system after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami mark a quiet shift away from the country's old utility model toward self-reliant, local generation and transmission.


Kuala Lumpur Hunters triumph at The Legends Circuit Malaysia, win RM40,000

The Legends Circuit Malaysia will be reorganised into the League Of Legends Championship Malaysia moving forward.


Blind ‘drivers’ try to shape US push for driverless cars

Anil Lewis was behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang convertible on a sunny Atlanta day in 1988, when he nearly hit a pedestrian who appeared in a crosswalk ahead of him, seemingly out of nowhere.


Selangor Cyber Games is back with RM180,000 prize money

The total prize pool of RM180,000 will be split among the tournaments for the four featured games.


India's green car plan prioritises electric vehicles over hybrids

India's most influential government think-tank has recommended lowering taxes and interest rates for loans on electric vehicles.


Majority use desktops over smartphones to browse e-commerce sites: report

India may have crossed the 300 million mark in smartphone users but when it comes to online shopping, Indian consumers still prefer desktops as the first device for browsing e-commerce platforms.