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When to have a second child

Wondering whether now's the time to add to your brood? Find out if you're ready for another child.


This child died from measles, yours don't have to

Vaccinating your child against measles is important as it can lead to fatal complications.


This child in China may not have a bright future

The government has new guidelines to care for these children.


Feeding an active child

Your child loves playtime, but not mealtimes. How do you ensure that his nutritional needs are met?


Let us put the child's interest first and ban child marriages

Without political will to end child marriage, underaged girls will continue to be married off and deprived of their rights to explore their full potential.


What to do when your child is too sick to eat

What happens when your child's illness makes feeding a near-impossible task? Paediatricians offer some tips.


Picky child panic

When your child is a picky eater,is he at risk of malnutrition?


How to talk positively with your child

Communication is key to any relationship, including that of parent and child, with the main idea being to talk with your child and not at your child.


China’s one-child policy: Putting all eggs in one basket

In the face of a growing aged population, China has loosened its one-child policy – but no one is sure if it will solve the problems it has created.


Learning to live with the loss of a child

The loss of a child is the hardest thing for parents to bear.