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My cat gave me TB

Public health experts in the UK say transmission risk of cat-to-human TB infection is low, but recommend putting down cats confirmed to have the disease.


Water helps the brain

A study reveals that water immersion may increase blood flow in the brain.


Dracula visits

She’s been avoiding this classic for 20 years. Finally, it gets her, and in the dead of night, too.


The great East Coast-West Coast booze divide

‘Beer map’ shows American brand preferences based on tweets.


Mixed martial arts: Higher risk of brain injury than other sports

The rate of serious head injuries among professional mixed martial arts competitors is potentially twice that of professional football players, according to US researchers.


'Don't call us dogs, we're dingoes': Australian predator now a unique species

Australia’s dingo is a unique species, not a kind of wild dog as previously believed, according to a new study that definitively classifies the country’s largest land predator.


Rise early and get some sun - it'll make you slimmer

Study finds that morning light could be secret to healthy weight.


NACSCOM's Dr Soon Ting Kueh: A voice for the elderly

A retired academic finds gratification in working to improve the welfare of senior citizens.


Search for Alzheimer test

Researchers are developing blood tests designed to help doctors detect Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and mild cognitive impairment such as Parkinson’s disease.


Cities make us 'mad'

Various studies have linked urban living to poor mental health.