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Thousands of starfish die from mystery plague, leaving scientists dumbstruck

Scientists are struggling in a race against time to find what’s causing a disease that’s been killing thousands of starfish since last year – resulting in gruesome deaths that physically tear and melt their bodies apart.


China's hunger for sea cucumbers exploits Sierra Leone's poverty

Sierra Leone’s island fishermen lament that Chinese traders have ruthlessly exploited one of the few natural resources they have left: sea cucumbers.


Frequent nightmares could mean child is bullied

Finding can help parents intervene before the trauma and anxiety of being bullied grow worse.


Children exposed to toxic pesticides

A study shows that several children from agricultural areas in France have been exposed to harmful chemicals.


Risk of extinction for monarch butterflies

Do monarchs butterflies' woes signal broader problems?


Margaret Heffernan on how we are killing creativity

Thanks to the competition encouraged — even required — in a dog-eat-dog world, humanity might be losing out on best ideas and practices.


A road well travelled: My Cholesterol Journey In Malaysia review

A journey spanning 40 years of exciting cholesterol research is revealed in a prominent cardiologist’s latest publication.


Radiation therapy: A child fights for his life in isolation

Sammy Nahorny has to be isolated during treatment because of high-dose radiation therapy.


Australian art laws: Dealing with fraud

Australia strengthens the law to deal with art fakes.


Keeping patients safe: Guidelines for healthcare institutions

We assume that healthcare institutions have their patients’ best interests at heart; here are some of the guidelines and laws that back that assumption up.