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Mutant virus research putting mankind at risk?

PUBLIC health experts have warned that controversial experiments on mutant viruses could put human lives in danger by unleashing an accidental pandemic.


Quidditch coming to life at US documentary festival

'Mudbloods' among four feature-length documentaries premiering at AFI Docs.


Passport 2.0: Faisal Ariff's idea to ease immigration checks

Tired of lining up at Immigration? Here’s an idea from the Global Impact Competition winner.


Eye of the tiger: Study finds Asian-American mums really are fearsome

'Tiger mum' Amy Chua, who caused a ruckus with her parenting memoir 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother', may just have been vindicated by a Stanford University study.


Vitamin E could protect you from radiation

Worried about the potential risks of radiation exposure? A member of the vitamin E family found in palm oil might prove to be the solution to this problem.


Choosing the right footwear for running

What’s the most important quality in a running shoe? According to experts, it’s comfort.


They drink liquid nitrogen?

Woman files suit over liquid nitrogen cocktail.


Don't tell kids why their veggies are good for them

Study suggests that children equate healthy food with food that isn’t so tasty.


Raise champions through sports

Parents are their children’s best coaches when it comes to healthy living.


The osteoarthritis puzzle

While people with osteoarthritis struggle to move, there’s plenty of movement in research as scientists work through the biological puzzle of osteoarthritis to come up with potential treatments.