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Funny driver’s guide to Johor

A tongue-in-cheek I>Driver's Guide to Johor/Iis now available for Singaporeans travelling around in the Johor state.


So close to blast yet unscathed

Thai honorary consul Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, who was inside his car just 30m away from the Thai Army Bank that was hit by a bomb, survived the explosion without a single scratch.


Don’t use water from toilets to prepare food, eateries told

A PENANG municipal councillor is irked that some restaurant and stall operators are stealing water from public toilets to prepare their food.


For all that is hot, spicy and tangy

Many who have visited Thailand yearn to return to the country because of its tangy and spicy cuisine.


Eateries are legal

TWO food outlets built on road reserves next to the Ipoh City Council building were constructed in accordance to the law.


Apathy over cockroaches in eateries

From nileey,


Different from the other areas

SECTION 13 in Petaling Jaya would well pass as one of the only industrial area surrounded by residential and commercial outlets in this highly populated city.


Sarawak wants food outlets to be clean and hygienic

When visiting Sarawak, eat only at places graded 'A' and avoid eateries graded 'D. The local authorities in the state have agreed to have a common grading system to denote the cleanliness of eateries.


Indian winter

SHE was wearing a black-and-grey, full-length fur coat over her brilliant blue sari, complete with a fur hat. Her friend was equally well-insulated, wrapped in a mink coat. Their husbands and children, too, were all bundled up in thick winter jackets, felt hats and gloves.


Celebrating life every day

Where should I celebrate my birthday?' That question had been on my mind for the past month.