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Movie Review

'Parasite': Brilliant take on class difference

Bong Joon-ho's Parasite proves to be absolutely masterful in handling the subject of the hierarchical social status and materialism.


'Fat suit test' reveals med students' prejudice against overweight patients

Having fake patients wear a fatsuit to simulate being obese in a study, helped uncover prejudices against obese patients among medical students.

Food News

Study: 'Cultured meat' grown in a lab will replace real meats by 2040

Analysts have published a report in which they claim that by 2040, we will all be eating more fake meat than real animal meat.


Big Smile, No Teeth: Don’t feed the trolls and change the Internet

Tired of stupid memes, flat Earthers and hate messages on the Internet? Then fight the trolls with the truth, with facts and with puppy videos.


'Sadako': To Mount Doom with this Ring!

Serial soul-eater Sadako may have jumped from videotape to the Internet but she remains a dial-up beast in a fibred-up world.


Elusive artist Banksy opens online shop selling 'art, homeware and disappointment'

Elusive UK-based street artist and political activist Banksy is bringing his anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian art online with the opening of his own shop, Gross Domestic Product.


Say goodbye to Brazil wax and lash extension

Here's a roundup of what's in trend in the beauty treatment department as an online directory tells us whether the Brazilian wax and lash extension is still in favour.