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Tips on handling chicken to avoid food poisoning

There are a few simple ways to preparing and handling chicken for cooking, in order to avoid nasty food poisoning from any lingering bacteria.


Award-winning Oz furniture brand King Living strives for sustainability

David King's award-winning Australian furniture brand strives for sustainability through product design, manufacturing and packaging processes.


Cook your own meals with Cubie

Make dinner at home an easy, everyday affair with Panasonic's Big Cubie Oven.


Is that protein shake after a workout really effective?

Having a protein shake right after a workout may be the rage among gym-goers, but does it really boost our muscle recovery and repair?


Bhutanese couple returns to their homeland to work their land

Tenzin Thinley, 46, and Karma Wangmo, 44, want to make use of their fallow ground and encourage people to return to their land. Wangmo said they have succeeded in inspiring a few farmers to get back to farming in their fallow lands, and school dropouts to take up farming in the village.


Do women suffer more from migraines than men?

According to research, this is unfortunately true, as women not only suffer from the common causes of migraines, but also fluctuating oestrogen levels that can be a migraine trigger.

Food News

Curious Cook: The reasons for good food

Chris Chan discusses how techniques like amalgamation, layering and combination result in different flavours, tastes, textures and styles.


Nutritious meals for children with special needs

Instead of a specific diet for children with special needs, opt for food rich in vitamins and minerals.


Human Writes: Be kind to the planet, pledge to eat less meat

Meat production produces damaging greenhouse gases and is a culprit behind water pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss.


Food experiences for travellers who are always hungry

There is a lot you can learn about a country or destination, its history, people and culture from local cuisines. Let us know what your top food experiences from around the world are, or what you would like to try.