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Coping with postpartum blues

My newborn son has been, so far, a relatively easy baby to handle compared to my second child who suffered from colic.


Cops: Infant was alive when flung from 18 storeys

KUALA LUMPUR: A newborn thrown from an 18th floor flat in Danau Kota, Setapak, was alive when her mother allegedly flung her out of the building.


Overcoming postpartum depression the natural way

Overcoming the baby blues


E-therapy may not help ease depression

Computer-assisted therapy may not be effective at easing depression in people who are already getting standard care such as counselling or medication, a UK study suggests.


Act fast with depression

PETALING JAYA: Up to 80% of new mothers experience baby blues.


Actress Hayden Panettiere battles postpartum depression

US actress and Nashville star Hayden Panettiere has checked into a treatment centre for postpartum depression.


Postpartum depression: She killed herself after their first baby

They got pregnant so easy, the pregnancy was easy too. Their daughter was born and life was too good to be true. Six weeks later she committed suicide.


Depression can hit mothers even before baby comes

Women can suffer depression and anxiety while being pregnant. Here are signs to look out for.

Ask Dr G

Constant cravings

The compelling appetite for substances that are largely non nutritious such as clay, metal, chalk, glass, soil, sand or ice is well studied and known as pica.


1 in 10 fathers suffer from post-partum depression

Paternal Post-Partum Depression is currently recognised with more men feeling depressed three to six months after their baby is born.