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McFashion, eau de burger and now finger lickin' nail polish

Fashion and fast food might not be obviously connected, but that hasn't stopped several restaurant chains from flexing their style muscles over the past year.

This food entrepreneur caters to fitness fanatics

From a Thai restaurant to a lunch delivery service, Chai is here to serve delectable cuisine.

Miss Sweet Thang Li-Anne Kuek and her desserts

Li-Anne Kuek is as sweet as the sugary desserts she loves whipping up.

It's bros before egos with these celebrity chefs

Celebrity chefs Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua have discovered that working together can be a recipe for success.

Fashion designer Zac Posen to write cookbook

American fashion designer Zac Posen has announced plans to turn a hobby he uses to "de-fashion" into a full-fledged cookbook.

A java man’s adventure in Japanese coffee roasting

A java man tries to roast single origin coffee – in a popcorn machine – to please the Japanese palate.

Goh-ing back to the basics

Clean eating gal Dianthus Goh constantly whips up deliciously healthy meals in the kitchen.

6 chefs reinterpret the Christmas Yule log

Six chefs reinterpret France's traditional Christmas dessert, the buche de Noel or the Yule log.

Roberto Cavalli’s design on wine

Tenuta Degli Dei wines are the product of the same men behind the Cavalli fashion brand.

Old-fashioned broth is now hip again

Soup is making a comeback among fashion models, the health conscious and French gourmets.