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Male hair loss

The exact cause of hair loss is unknown.

Botched circumcisions

Circumcision is one of the commonest operations in medicine and is usually safe. However, serious complications can occur when the intervention is performed in unregulated practice environments.

A debate over circumcision

This week, I would like to discuss the point of contention a reader raised. When reading the email from David, I realised he "cut to the chase" and did not hold back on issues related to the preservation of the foreskin.

What are the chances of getting HIV?

The likelihood of HIV transmission from a person with HIV to a HIV-negative individual depends on the mode of sexual activity.

Can more ejaculations prevent prostate cancer?

A recent study has found that frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Diabetes and diminishing climax

There is no evidence to suggest too much ejaculation can result in semen “drying up”.

Take charge of your sex life

Exploring the emergence of multi-resistance sexually transmitted bacteria.

Exercise for better sex life

Any exercise is better than no exercise.

Vasectomy reversal

There are a number of reasons why men decide to reverse the vasectomy.

Is penile lengthening worth it?

Some men seek "more length" to impress.