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The gut needs prebiotics and probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics have important roles to play in ensuring a healthy gut.

8 tips on how to balance your hormones naturally

Women of all ages can develop hormonal imbalance; here are ways on how to regain that balance naturally.

Learn about and prevent childhood stunting

Stunting is a form of growth failure.

It's all too easy to neglect digestive health

In conjunction with World Digestive Health Day 2016, we speak with Assoc Prof Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali, consultant gastroenterologist and deputy chairman of Digestive Health Malaysia Society.

Celebrate our guts with digestive health awareness day

Commemorating World Digestive Health Day 2016.

Get the ‘whole’ grain

Wholegrains have all three of their edible parts intact, and are definitely more nutritious and healthier than refined grains.

Take care of your child’s digestive system, here's how

5 important tips to make sure your child's digestive system is working perfectly.

What your child eats can affect the body's immune system

Paying attention to your kid's digestive system is important as it can impact their immune system.

This superfood may cut down your colon cancer risk

Dried plums may be able to reduce the risk of colon cancer, says researchers studying how diet can change the bacteria in the digestive tract.

You need probiotics, fibre and exercise for a healthy gut

Good eating and regular exercise habits are crucial for a healthy gut and a strong digestive system.