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Why studying the human brain is very important part of medical science

The study of the brain and mind is the last frontier in medical science.


Scientist makes a renewable fibre that is good for Earth

Clothing fibre made from tea by-product could improve health of fashion industry.

Science & Technology

Mind-controlled prosthetics may soon be a reality

Cutting-edge prosthetics may soon allow amputees to control an artificial limb using their minds, just like a normal limb.


No more testing – chimps to go free

National Institutes of Health announces end to chimpanzee research.


These 3 curry recipes will have you piling on the rice

Thick, creamy, sweet or spicy, there are many ways to enjoy curry.

Science & Technology

Maude Phipps goes from cosmos to genomes

Maude Phipps, a professor of human molecular genetics, has gone on to become one of the leading geneticists in the country. And her interest in science simply began with a TV documentary.

Science & Technology

Video: Taiwan scientists turn gold and onions into muscles

Scientists: Onion cells could be a better alternative to expensive polymers in making artificial muscles.


Family helps their son overcome challenges from autism

Intervention for children with learning differences must involve parents and families.


Singer/songwriter Kelly Yu is going places

The rising Canadian star with Asian roots is now the face of Taiwanese brand For Beloved One.


‘Tumour-on-a-dish’ experiments seek to improve cancer treatment

New experiments that grow tiny cancer cells in the lab may help doctors to customise treatments according to each patient's needs in the future.