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Commodities soar high amid US negative outlook

GOLD prices surged beyond the 1500.00 psychological benchmark levels last week amid renewed concerns on European debt crisis.


Commodities extend rally amid dovish US monetary policy

LAST week, the yellow metal soared to a fresh high at 1569.15 regions amid bearishness in US dollar.


Potential bullish break-out in commodities

LAST week, gold prices took a hit and dropped to a low of 1471.66 regions after a regulatory filing showed that George Soros had dumped most of his holding on gold in Q1 Y2011.


Pullback and consolidation on commodities amid stronger greenback

LAST week, gold prices declined from high of 1553.48 regions to 1525.77 regions amid stronger greenback. Greenback is likely to remain strong until end of the month while the euro-zone still struggles with the debt crisis issues.


Worsening US job data triggers spike in gold prices

GOLD prices surged higher from lows of 1489.50 to as high as 1545.51 last Friday amid worse-than-expected US non-farm payroll, and higher unemployment rate.


Uncertain US debt situation swings market

GOLD prices surged again to a high of 1632.79 regions last Friday. Conservative Republicans hijacked the Congress last week and refused its own party's debt-ceiling deal, effectively taking the US economy hostage.


Prices of precious metals and energy take a plunge

GOLD prices took a plunge of US$210 correction from its new found high 1902.02 due to CME Group called for margin raise in Comex gold futures.


Precious metals surge amid weak US job data

GOLD prices rose again last week due to pessimism in US outlook and market closed at week's high on Friday.


Precious metals swing amid uncertainty in US market

GOLD prices dropped from a high of 1920.74 regions last week to as low as 1791.12 regions as the appetite for risk grew. However, the global equity markets eroded the flight into gold as safe-haven.


Commodities plunge amid stronger greenback after Operation Twist

GOLD prices plunged drastically to 1628.70 last week amid stronger greenback after Fed successfully implemented 'Operation Twist'.