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Tech to the rescue: New products aim to improve disaster relief

After catastrophic wildfires in southern California late last year, the Israeli startup Watergen sent in its devices which pull clean water out of the atmosphere for firefighters and relief workers.


Why smart people may be more likely to fall for fake news: opinion

One might suspect scientists of belabouring the obvious with the recent study called “Belief in Fake News Is Associated With Delusionality, Dogmatism, Religious Fundamentalism and Reduced Analytical Thinking”.


Final levels for Half-Life homage fall into place

First-person adventure Half-Life set new standards when it launched 20 years ago. Now, approved fan homage Black Mesa is moving closer to completion, with a trailer for its next big update showing how its otherworldly final levels are taking shape.


Before robotaxis choke the streets, cities start taxing Ubers

It’s getting more expensive to drive in cities – whether you’re a human or a bot.


Tech lobby head urges privacy standards to avert divergent rules

The president of a trade group that represents Alphabet Inc’s Google, Microsoft Corp and other tech companies urged faster development of national privacy norms to avoid divergent state rules.


Why are grocery retailers teaming up with tech giants?

France’s Carrefour announced a deal this week with Google to boost its online shopping business. It is the latest in a string of partnerships between traditional food retailers and tech companies as grocery e-commerce takes off.


America may need to adopt China’s weapons to win tech war

Behind the daily skirmishes over tariffs, the US and China are gearing up for a longer-term battle between two very different systems of innovation. To win, America may need to start using some of its rival’s weapons.


GDPR is here: Mess up and we’ll fine you, warns EU privacy chief

From tech giant Facebook Inc to libraries and schools, organisations are now subject to the world’s most far-reaching data privacy regulation in a crackdown aimed at protecting people from losing control over their personal information.


Want a Fitbit that measures how productive you are at work? This company is betting your boss does

If you glanced at the screen, it probably wouldn't grab your attention: White space divided into rectangular modules showing pie charts and bar charts in a kind of muted neon colour palette that calls to mind an old version of Excel, not a revolutionary piece of tech.


Here’s how some tech companies are chipping away at bias against women

Bridget Frey was the only woman on Redfin's engineering team in Seattle when she joined the online real-estate company more than six years ago. She wasn't surprised, having worked in the male-dominated tech field for much of her career.