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Monkeypox: What you should know about this infectious disease

Monkeypox, an infectious disease that is closely related genetically to smallpox, recently popped up close to home in Singapore.


Is intermittent fasting right for me?

Intermittent fasting is a popular dietary trend that may promote healthy ageing and a longer lifespan, according to research.


The many ways of killing bacteria

With bacteria all around us, the medical and scientific community have come up with a number of ways to kill these microorganisms to prevent harmful infection.


Vertical running: Can you run up the Eiffel Tower in record time?

Vertical running up towers is an actual sport. An Australian vertical runner shares her experience of running up the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Read the food label for more nutritious choices

There are various sorts of nutritional information provided on packaged food labels that if read, can help us to make healthier food choices.


Premature babies can now be cuddled comfortably

Doctors strongly recommend skin-to-skin contact between parents and their children, but with all the wires in conventional incubators, it is challenging to sit comfortably with your premature baby in your arms.


KongsiKL arts warehouse launches Seni Tiga collaborative series

The first of a collaborative performance series kicks off this Saturday at KongsiKL


When Alan Yun first proposed to actress Emily Lim, she wasn't ready

Celebrity couple Alan Yun and Emily Lim have been in a relationship for seven years. They tied the knot last month at a church wedding, surrounded by family and friends.