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Making Progress

It's time for PH to step up

They say marriages are made in heaven, and that is exactly what PAS and Umno leaders said this week when they “consummated” their cooperation with a formal alliance they termed a “marriage.”


How to identify the signs of workplace bullying and stopping it

Workplace bullying is a phenomenon that's widely spread and has a big impact on the bullied employee’s mental and emotional health, as well as the employer’s bottom line.

Making Progress

Restoring the rule of law

The rule of law is a phrase used by politicians who seek to show they are acting within the limits of the law. It is used by lawyers on arguments or justification in court. It is used by journalists when they are exposing a scandal. It is used by those charged with an offence who plead innocence.

Making Progress

Camerons, race and the New Malaysia

IT promised to be an interesting by-election, and Cameron Highlands did not disappoint.

Making Progress

Promises and Politics

First of all, a very happy New Year.

Making Progress

A new Malaysia in distress

While Pakatan Harapan may want to stay true to its liberal and cosmopolitan base, one must understand that when one is in power compromises are sine qua non.


Smog war casualty - China coal city bears brunt of pollution crackdown

JINCHENG, China (Reuters) - Residents in the rugged, overmined city of Jincheng in northern China's coal heartland have been breathing a little easier after campaigns to reduce pollution forced dozens of collieries and chemical plants to close.

Making Progress

A new Malaysia confronts political realities

AS the euphoria of GE14 dies down, the people realise that not all promises were realistic, and that even the vocal DAP sometimes has to be quiet on 'sensitive' topics.


Suhakam slams S'wak for travel ban on its commissioner

PETALING JAYA: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) has slammed the Sarawak state government for retaining its travel restriction on Commissioner Jerald Joseph.


SubHome contributes to rental market

WHEN 32-year-old Kit W.L. purchased a few units at The Robertson in Kuala Lumpur in 2016 for investment purposes, she had it in mind to rent out the units, Airbnb style, due to its strategic location.