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Eat the colours of the rainbow for good health

The new cooking show, ‘Eat A Rainbow’, hosted by Hong Kong TVB artiste Gigi Wong, will begin airing on Christmas Day.

This Christmas, give foodies the gift of cooking

From romantic cookbook, and books by Millenial cooking stars to hand-drawn encyclopedia, if you’re still looking for gifts for foodie friends, stop right here.

Global cooking competition to go part vegetarian

The world's most prestigious cooking competition has introduced a new challenge that will involve cooking a main dish composed entirely of vegetables.

Meals in bowls will still be trendy in 2017

Trendspotters predict that the popularity of 'bowl food' will become even more mainstream in 2017.

Sweet, spicy Japanese-style fried chicken

Fried chicken gets The sweet-and-spicy Japanese treatment.

Practise clean eating with 'untouchable' foods

A member of India's 'untouchable' caste is taking on caste-based discrimination with packaged foods that was once regarded as impure.

Do you know what type of whisky you're drinking?

What's the difference between all these different varieties?

The truth about sticky Japanese rice

The Japanese take pride in their homegrown Japonica rice.

Great Malaysian dishes: Terengganu – Nasi dagang

A dish of rice and curry, it is a meal on its own.

Wolf bread and other foods you saw on Game Of Thrones

What do the characters on Game of Thrones eat? Not including bloody heart of horse, here is an idea of the dishes you would find on the show.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

This month, we speak to 3 female icons about empowerment and more - read it for FREE this week.