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Britain to unveil plan for new Internet spying laws

Britain’s government publishes proposals for new Internet spying laws to keep pace with the digital age and crack down on terror threats, but which critics have branded a “snooper’s charter”.


Half of young Brits suffer from back and neck pain, chiropractors say

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) reports that nearly one in two Brits under age 30 suffers from back and neck pain. The group is the latest to sound the alarm on the sedentary lifestyle epidemic and on the related phenomenon of increasing screen time.


Bringing war strategy to consoles

b>NEW YORK/b>: Videogame wars, like those in i>Halo/ior i>Call of Duty/i>, are usually seen from the grunt's eyeview. If you want to play general, with thousands of troops following your every order, you have to turn on your computer, home to real-time strategy (RTS) epics like i>StarCraft II/iand i>Age of Empires/i>.


Audio pioneer Ray Dolby of famed sound system dead at 80

Ray Dolby, the engineer who pioneered the noise reduction in audio recordings that produced clearer sound for music and cinema, died on Thursday. He was 80.


Too much TV tied to premature death

Not all sitting is the same, according to a new study from Spain that found adults who watch three or more hours of TV per day may double their risk of early death compared to those who watch less.


Why children need screen-free zones at home

Even without the violent footage and near-hysterical television anchors declaring war every minute, watching television for more than an hour every day affects the physical and mental health of children, studies show.