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Momentum builds for Japan coalition, but road rocky

TOKYO (Reuters) - Momentum is building for a


SPECIAL REPORT - In Africa, can Brazil be the anti-China?

NIMBA-BUCHANAN RAILWAY, Liberia (Reuters) - In the muggy forest of central Liberia, a gang of workers is inching its way along a railway track, cut long and straight through an otherwise impenetrable mesh of trees and vines. The drone of insects is interrupted by a high-pitched drill and the clang of hammers as workers put the finishing touches to the perfectly aligned steel tracks.


The scramble for skills

There's a concerted effort to woo and retain talent in Malaysia. Talent Corp Bhd has been set up with this mandate. Its CEO Johan Mahmood Merican talks about the mammoth task ahead.


Managing the country's ageing population

Do we have the necessary system and structure in place to support an ageing society?


ANALYSIS - Japan voters' yen for change could hurt PM's party

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese voters longing for change propelled the Democratic Party to power for the first time in a historic election last year. Now, that same desire could deprive the party of the decisive win needed to avoid policy deadlock.


Japan PM says to stay despite pressure to quit

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said on Tuesday he would stay on as leader, despite pressure from within his own party to resign as his approval ratings sink ahead of an election likely next month.


The kiss of debt

Lin See-Yan touches on how ballooning fiscal deficits and rising public debt are raising investor anxiety about sovereign risk in many advanced economies.


Stemming the tide and keeping our talent

Every now and then, we hear of friends and relatives leaving for greener pastures abroad. While we are happy that they are moving on, their leaving also leaves a lump in our throats. Last month, the issue of our people leaving was brought up again when about 300,000 left, double that of the previous year. Do we, as a nation, have the will power to stem the outflow of skills and talent, the building blocks of our country?


Get rid of siege mentality, Khairy urges Malays

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin urged the Malays to get rid of their 'siege mentality' and take on the mantle of true leadership, one which includes all the races of Malaysia while not neglecting the plight of the Malays.


ANALYSIS - New Japan govt has problems with chain of command

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's outspoken banking regulator, Shizuka Kamei, known for his anti-market rhetoric, is proving a serious thorn in the side of new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's government just three weeks after it took power.