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Glaucoma: The silent thief of sight

Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time.


Omega-3 consumption linked to better sleep

An early study shows that eating food rich in omega-3 helps to improve sleep in children.


Packing for travel

Your air tickets are confirmed and your hotel room is booked. Next comes, for some people, the most stressful bit about travelling — what to take with you!


Balanced diet an essential element

Many people are committed to staying fit and maintaining a healthy meal, a street poll by The Star shows.


Keep calm, we're turning 30

Star2 senior editor Ann Marie Chandy recalls the evolution of the lifestyle and features section for its 30th anniversary celebration.


Greening of the media

In the '90s, the idea of activism journalism spread worldwide and landed in Malaysia. Where newspapers once stood back and only reported on events, the new wave was that they could be proactive and espouse causes affecting their readers' lives. At Star2, that began with environmental issues.


Reprogramming our cells

A German doctor has come up with a way to reduce reliance on immunosuppresive drugs and treat inflammatory conditions using the body’s own white blood cells.


It's a (wonderful) dog's life

Some pets have it really good, with owners who are smitten by them and lavish them with love – and more.


Whale sharks in trouble

The biggest fish in the ocean are being hauled in for their fins, meat, skins and liver oil.


If hair could talk

Having a bad hair day? It’s no accident; your locks contain secrets to your body’s system.