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Movies 27 May 2019 | 6:05 AM

The killer doll from the 1980s, Chucky, is resurrected in 'Child’s Play'

Move over Annabelle because Chucky is back. The evil toy doll that wreaks havoc is brought back to life in the new film 'Child's Play'.

Living 06 Jun 2019 | 9:04 AM

Lego’s Dragon Boat Race set, and 3 other Chinese festivals they should do

Lego has come up with yet another Asian limited edition set to for yet another traditional Chinese festival - ‘Duan Wu Jie’ or the Duanwu Festival, or better known as the Dragon Boat Festival, which actually falls tomorrow.

Animals 14 Jun 2019 | 5:02 AM

Ticks pose a health threat so remove them quickly from your pets

Ticks – which embed themselves in the skin and feed on blood – don’t just look unpleasant, they can also pass on illnesses such as Lyme disease. It takes roughly 12 to 24 hours before the pathogens start to enter blood, so it’s important to remove ticks quickly.

Animals 24 Jun 2019 | 5:04 AM

Superstition says black dogs bring bad luck but that couldn't be further from the truth

Over time, black animals became the poster pets for evil. And by the 1580s, writers like Shakespeare began to use the image, coining expressions like black curse, black intentions and black soul – all meaning evil. However, it is mere superstition that black pets bring bad luck.

Animals 26 Jun 2019 | 5:48 AM

Dogs melt our hearts when they look at us with 'puppy dog eyes'

Two muscles around a dog's eye enable the animal to make their eyes look larger, which is similar to human infants, and this triggers a nurturing response in people.

Movie Review 01 Jul 2019 | 2:36 PM

'Spider-Man: Far From Home': Does whatever a spider can, and more

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' takes place eight months after Avengers: Endgame, and provides an excellent epilogue to what has been arguably THE most ambitious and epic film sagas of all time.

Asia & Oceania 19 Jul 2019 | 11:17 AM

KAWS outdoor installation world tour reaches Mount Fuji in Japan

American artist KAWS's large-scale sculpture has travelled to several locations around the world, including a halt at Mount Fuji for the summer.