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From the horse’s mouth

One of man’s best animal friends has inspired many English idioms, including a few relating to our bodies.


Tradition meets technology

In 2006, after a decade of working in the unit trust industry, boredom and uncertainty began to set in for 37-year-old Josephine Phang Lai Foong.

Asia & Oceania

A guide to catching buses in Vietnam

A foreigner living in Hanoi learns to appreciate travelling by bus in the city known for its chaotic traffic.

Asia & Oceania

Time-travel to Taiwan

For a mainlander, Taiwan does not appear ultramodern, but its richness in tradition has a charm that outsiders find hard to resist.

Asia & Oceania

Koreans pilgrimage to a mountain high - in China

South Koreans have to trek to China to see their sacred volcano.


Joyous festive traditions

There is just no horse-ing around with Chinese New Year rituals.


Marc Jacobs opening tweet shop

A tweet with a twist.


Travel Picks: 10 iconic dishes and where to eat them

Food is a hot topic of debate, but travel website has compiled its selection of 10 of the world’s most iconic dishes and the best places to find them.

Eating Out

A quest for udang galah ends in a satisfying meal

The tai thou har/udang galah (giant river prawn or genus Macrobrachium Rosenbergii) is a freshwater crustacean that is very high in demand, especially during the Chinese New Year.


Food for thought

This oft-quoted phrase took on a new meaning for a young lady who struggled with an eating disorder.