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Google to boost Ebola donations

Google launched a campaign to raise money to fight Ebola, tossing US$10mil (RM33.39mil) into the pot and saying it will match donations to the fund two to one.


Canada to digitally track mental health of troops

The Canadian military will soon start digitally tracking the mental health of its personnel with new software, the defence ministry said Friday, following a string of suicides this year.


French watchdog urges no 3D for under sixes

A French health watchdog has recommended that children under six be denied access to 3D films, computers and videogames, and that those up to 13 have "moderate" access.


Google to offer cancer tests for employees

Google will soon start covering the cost of Foundation Medicine's DNA tests for employees and their family-members suffering from cancer, as part of its health benefits portfolio.


Google wants you to live longer

Google's ambition to defy the limits of ageing has fired up interest in the field, drawing in drug companies who are already quietly pioneering research, despite the regulatory and clinical hurdles that remain.


Google Glass may obstruct peripheral vision

The characteristic hardware of the Google Glass frame partially obstructs peripheral vision above the right eye, according to an ophthalmologist who owns the wearable tech himself.


Wearable lets users contribute towards improving air quality

Upping the ante in what wearable tech can do to improve lives, there's a new portable device that could lead to better health while giving users the added benefit of contributing towards an important cause: reducing air pollution.


New wearable provides two-in-one physical and emotional health tracking

Like many wearable health tracking devices already on the market, the Inner You measures heart rate, breathing rate, skin conductance and physical activity, but here's the catch: It uses that data to gauge emotion.


Google guns for 300 million new Indian local language users

Search giant Google announced the creation of a new Hindi-language website in an ambitious bid to add 300 million Indian Internet users by 2017 and bridge the country's linguistic digital divide.


Penguin-bot is a happy feat for science

Brazenly, the down-covered baby penguin lookalike rolls in on four wheels for a huddle with real-life chicks, right under the noses of adult birds which seem to pay it no heed.