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Big brother is watching

THE 2001 Gene Hackman flick I>Behind Enemy Lines/Iwas an otherwise forgettable testosterone #8211; fuelled action thriller that featured the usual two-dimensional bad guys and predictable plot lines. But to Kent Kresa, 64, it #8211; or at least the 30-second scene that plugged a fictional version of technology.


The sweet affliction

There are presently 177 million diabetics in the world and this will hit 300 million in 2025. Now that's a lot of sweetness that we can do without, writes Dr P.K. YAP.


Swinging job for golf lovers

After 36 years in the golf industry, Naidu knows his work like the back of his hand. He even used to play the sport semi-professionally but did not quite make a name for himself.


The many styles of qigong

Explore other expects of qigong, namely martial arts qigong that stress on fitness and the art of self-defence; meditative qigong that combines meditation with qigong exercises to achieve enhanced health and healing effects and tranquillity.


Heart wise

Cardiologist Dr KHOO KAH LIN answers some common questions about heart health.


Sure-fire energy boosters

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can certainly zap your energy, but you can recapture your vigour before January has passed with an easy three-pronged plan.


Back to school

Book reviws compiled by DAPHNE LEE.


Trail blazers graduate

EMERGENCY medicine is the 23rd recognised medical speciality and was seen as a separate skill in the United States in 1979.


Marine ecosystem under siege

Despite their nasty reputation, sea urchins are really quite beautiful creatures up close. Their long spines shelter small fishes, shrimps and crabs from predators, while their diet of algae keeps reefs from being smothered by marine plants. But in large numbers, sea urchins can tip teh delicate balance of the marine ecosystem and reduce a reef to rubble.


Editor: Stress on education and technology the right move

MALAYSIA, by emphasising on education and technology, and encouraging small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), has adopted the most appropriate stance in the current global trade scenario, where China is rapidly becoming the dominant trading power in Asia, according to I>Time/Imagazine senior editor (business and technology) Jim Erickson.