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Follow the art of cleanliness of the Japanese

PETALING JAYA: The Japanese word kirei can be defined as pretty, clean, beautiful, pure and orderly.


Exploring Galapagos, the land of the giant tortoise

One of the farthest and most fascinating places Malaysians should aspire to visit are the Galapagos Islands in South America. Of all the extraordinary native animals, the one that stood out were the giant tortoises. The name “galapago”, is an old Spanish word for tortoise.


China: Wolf or golden goose to Malaysia?

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? In today’s geopolitics, it would be the United States who seem to be terrified by the rise of China’s economic and technological power and perceive the country as a “wolfish threat”. But many other nations have a different view. To them, China is the golden goose.


How to be a happy traveller

Regardless of how and where we travel, the most important thing we must bring along is an open mind. That way, we will gain the best experiences and memories and can even turn a negative incident into a positive one.


Will authentic Cuba survive?

As more tourists make their way to the Caribbean island, many wonder if foreign influences will take over Cuba's cultural heritage.


In search of the oldest arabica coffee tree

While the best coffee beans with high yields currently come from Central America and South America, as well as China, Vietnam and Indonesia, Prof Han revealed that coffee’s “mother tree”, the oldest living arabica coffee tree, could still be found in Kaffa.


A bowl of rice fills more than a belly

Visiting a foreign country and trying out the local cuisines is fun, but at times, we do yearn for something familiar.

Asia & Oceania

Has Malaysia been successful in promoting our food overseas?

Is Malaysian food tourism not important enough to be taken seriously? Should the industry not get some much-needed financial boost?