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MyKasih gets RM25,000 from Dettol charity drive

Dettol has presented non-profit organisation MyKasih with RM25,000, raised through its Ramadan Charity Drive.


The original version

Acupuncture is one of the basic components of traditional Chinese medicine – an area of expertise that has been practised for thousands of years in East Asia.


Clinical hypnosis: myth or medicine?

With so many movies perpetuating misconceptions about hypnosis, it is time to put the record straight.


Prick away the pain

The basic concept of this traditional Chinese technique has inspired, as well as been developed into, new forms.


The spirituality of farming

Farming practices that encourage and nurture the human spirit.


Is CrossFit the new Cupid?

CrossFit is famed for both the social and the team atmosphere it creates as well as its dedicated followers, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to have multiple opportunities to strike up conversations.


Heart benefit revealed

Studies reveal that Coenzyme Q10 pills cut death rates among heart failure patients.

Eating Out

Hotel Vistana's buka puasa buffet features dishes from different cultures

Hotel Vistana Kuala Lumpur returns with another delectable buffet spread this Ramadan.


15 ways to burn 300 calories

Want to know how many calories you burn while playing your favourite sport?


Healing the Earth

Keeping the Earth healthy and productive keeps us healthy, too.