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Food News

How to adopt a vegan diet in 2019

The duo behind Bosh!, the largest plant-based recipe channel on Facebook reveal how to kick-start a fresh new diet.

Food News

Top 4 big nutrition trends for 2019

Trendy nutritional food and drinks like hemp and coconut oil are likely to gain momentum this year.

Food News

2019 food trends: Pegan is the new vegan

Food trends that are predicted to gain momentum next year.

Food News

The Korean way to winning hearts and stomachs

There’s no stopping the Korean invasion on the senses. From hearing their music to watching the TV shows, the purveyor of lifestyle and culture wants people to taste Korean flavours as well.

Food News

Curious Cook: Being vegan and other stories

Humans only need tiny amounts of daily protein but we can’t seem to wean ourselves off meat.

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You'll see more of these foods in 2019: Celtuce, kernza and jicama

Next year, new food trends will include kernza, tempeh and celtuce.

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Curious Cook: Autumn tales from rural France

A round-up of some of the observations by the Curious Cook: Chinese and French food, lead in rice and foraging for mushrooms.

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Curious Cook: The anthropocene diet – Part 2

How did we end up eating so much meat and how do we cut down?

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Cooking The Books: From decadent pastry to smart food, tonics and teas

This month’s cookbooks draw inspiration from a historic cooking school and society’s obsession with healthier living.

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3 ways baking soda makes food rise and shine

When baking soda and an acidic ingredient get together, be prepared for an effervescent reaction.