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The swag spirit

In Korea, classic designer brands make room for ‘swag-fake’.

Styles good enough to eat

Japan’s designers launch brands for tasteful wearable treats.

Olga Kurylenko to wear sustainable dress for the Oscars

Special creation is by Alice Elia.

What a coup for Bradley Cooper

Life’s good for former hotel doorman Bradley Cooper.

Suffering is not ennobling

We should not set up Alice Herz-Sommer’s optimism as the ideal to which all Holocaust survivors should aspire.

Michael Jackson paternity claim: The kid is not his son

The DNA test lab logo presented as ‘proof’ looks like it was taken from a Terminator movie.

Symphony of lies: Japan's 'Beethoven' Mamoru Samuragochi is really 'Milli Vanilli'

A deaf composer once hailed as the ‘Beethoven of Japan’ has revealed his successful 18-year-old musical career is a hoax.

Seven celebs who want your money for their projects

As ‘Veronica Mars’ the movie hits cinemas in the US, other celebrities are now jumping on the crowd-funding bandwagon.

Fake talk show boosts numbers for HealthCare

New registrations for health coverage show comedy works.

Ha-ha, you can't fool the brain

It knows the difference between real and fake laughter.