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11 black rhinos died & no one knows who's to blame

The massive failure of the tanslocation exercise is just one sign of the beginning 'a very, very dark time for Kenya' and its wildlife.


Big Smile, No Teeth: Did you realise? We're living in a disaster movie

Having a heatwave everywhere in the world at the same time is not normal, it's the start of a disaster movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This is not going anywhere good.


They don’t own homes or have kids; but they do have plants

Millennials, it seems, are plant addicts, responsible for reviving the drought-hit gardening and nursery sectors.


5 things to catch at the Refugee Fest in KL

Films, book launches and photo exhibitions on the refugee experience are all on display


How did the human brain get so big?

Our big brains come at a price – one-fifth of our energy intake is devoted to its upkeep – so how and why did we develop them in the first place?


Saving South America’s ‘magic tree’, the bountiful guaimaro

Essential to sustaining life in prehistoric times, the bountiful guaimaro fruit tree has been decimated by deforestation in Columbia. But there’s a movement to save it by encouraging people to appreciate its usefulness and plant it again.


Music from ‘Black Panther’, ‘Greatest Showman’ spur film soundtrack renaissance

Soundtrack from movies is getting a boost in sales thanks to popular music and songs featured in films such as 'Black Panther' and 'Greatest Showman'.

Food News

Could these be the crops of the future?

You may not have heard of them yet, but underutilised crops like moringa and Bambara groundnuts could be the future of agriculture.


'Ketika Bumi Menari' converses on environmental issues through dance

Ketika Bumi Menari is about how experimental dance converses on environmental issues.


Mass industrial crops are killing off local plants and food diversity

Agrobiodiversity should be preserved against the global spread of cheap, low-quality genetically uniform industrial foods. This has benefits for nutrition, health, the environment, and maintains variety in taste and flavours.