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Mega trends EAC must address

FROM TAN SRI MICHAEL YEOH OON , KHENG President Kingsley Strategic Institute

The self-driving car industry just acknowledged it has an image problem

For the driverless car industry, 2018 saw technology breakthroughs. Unfortunately, the year also was a public relations disaster.

CES 2019: US nonprofit groups join industry in self-driving campaign

Advocacy groups representing the elderly and the blind joined automotive and tech firms on Jan 7 to launch an educational campaign to explain the benefits of self-driving cars.

German giants cruise into robotaxi era

Four years ago, Daimler AG dazzled with a self-driving luxury lounge in Las Vegas with a concept vehicle boasting a sleek interior that promised to pamper its well-heeled passengers into the automotive future.

Waymo unveils self-driving taxi service in Arizona for paying customers

Alphabet's Waymo on Dec 5 launched a significant development in its costly, decade-long quest for autonomous transportation: self-driving taxis that actually generate fares.

Will US consumers have an appetite for robot-car grocery deliveries?

Anitha Arackaparampil likes the idea of robot cars delivering groceries to her Burlingame home for her family of four – in theory.

Is Silicon Valley ready for fully autonomous Waymo vehicles?

Waymo, the first company to get approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles to test fully self-driving vehicles on California roads, faces questions and concerns galore as it prepares to roll out the cars in Silicon Valley.

Waymo CEO says self-driving cars won’t be ubiquitous for decades

The head of Alphabet Inc’s autonomous vehicle unit gave a cautious outlook for the nascent industry on Nov 13, saying the technology won’t be ubiquitous for decades and that driverless vehicles will always have constraints.

Why Honda dumped Waymo for GM

Honda Motor Co and Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Alphabet Inc, were nearing a deal to jointly develop autonomous vehicles earlier this year when the Japanese company walked away, according to people familiar with the matter.

With driverless cars investors don’t care if you’re first

In the race to build safe and affordable driverless vehicles, being first to deliver isn’t fetching a premium from investors.